For Beginner Trader

What can be more important than knowing when to Enter and when to Exit in the stock market! This course is specially designed to understand modern approach in the trading world via Real Time mathematical models & Calculation.

Participants will be able to:
Identify market moves before they happen.
Make large 1-3 Trades gains by Dynamic Trading techniques.
Know how to prepare for and act during the trading day.
Identify the right trading style for you and develop it, while knowing how to adapt to changing market conditions.
Control your order flow and think & act like a Market Maker.

Course Agenda

Part 1 – Psychology of Stock Market.

Part 2 – Introduction to Charting Platforms.

Part 3 –Day  Trading Methods using Dynamic Trading Techniques.

Part 4 – Risk Management & Money Management.

Part 5 –Practice In Live Market .

Brief Introduction of Stock Market

What is Technical Analysis?

How See Different Types of charts Like Market Makers.

How To Entry Like Market Makers.

Buy Bottom Sell Top Techniques.

Dynamic Trading Techniques

Theory of Price Movement.

Why Price is Supreme?